• Team

We’re a small, smart, enthusiastic, positive, and driven team of 4 people, working together with a single-minded focus on getting our product to market. We’re going to cause some major market disruption. You could be part of that. If you’re eager and ready to work alongside inspiring teammates and make a major, positive impact on our business each and every day, we want you to join us.

Peter Tamas Kovacs

Senior Computer Vision Engineer (PhD in progress) with 15 years of experience in 3D real-time computer graphics. Kovacs has worked for 6 years as CTO in Holografika (Inventors of the 3D Light Field display technology), and written and published 31articles. He has participated in R&D projects similar to Ywarp within Holografika and European research projects (e.g. Muscade). He is a member of MPEG.

Jordi Fernandez

Mechanical Engineer (MSc) 15 years of experience managing worldwide projects as a consultant. Fernandez has worked in multinational corporations, such as BP and Eaton, and understands the challenges involved on working remotely while delivering projects on time.

Mohamed Elhariry

Founder of OpenHwDesign and LeapMetrics. Elhariry was the first prize winner at the Nasa SpaceApps Challenge 2015 at Rome. A talented hardware and firmware designer, and IoT developer, Elhariry has great passion for electronics, circuit design, and programming.

Juan Marcos García

Senior Aerospace Engineer (PhD). García has been a research associate at Imperial College London for 9 years and is the co-founder of Technological Venture VirtualStreamline (Invention finalist for the ERA Foundation Entrepreneurs Award).