March 13, 2016

World Problem: Our Solution

Right now—all over the world—businesses are leveraging relationships with companies from different cities, countries, and continents to create unprecedented levels of success.

At the same time, people working from home, companies without central office locations, and employees working remotely need a way to stay genuinely connected to forces that drive their businesses.

Our modern technologies and telecommunication opportunities have empowered us to do compelling and engaging things across all industries—but there’s no denying that ‘face-to-face’ conferencing still has the best presence and way of conveying ideas across the board. Without ‘face-to-face,’ some things get lost in translation. When this happens, our business relationships suffer, our services wane, and our efforts become less effective.
Therefore, even though we live in the ‘global and digital’ age, we still require face-to-face meetings. Unfortunately, this affects our commuting time, high mortgage (or rent) payments in populated areas, and energy consumption issues, to name a few. This is because of the fact that non-verbal cues are more than 93% of communication (55% body language + eye contact and 38% tone of voice).

So why still require face-to-face meetings?

Because current technology does not fully address non-verbal communication!

That’s why Ywarp is taking end-to-end telecommunications to a whole new level with true eye contact and Interactive Viewpoint Adaptive Display (IVAD)—so the requirement for face-to-face physical meetings will not be always compulsory. Your television, monitor, or projector will transform into a ‘virtual window’ that is shared in a 1:1 scale environment with every other participant.

Ywarp re-invents the concept of tele-presence—meaning multiple viewpoints in a telecommunication arena are completely immersed within each other. This is done using a 3D virtual environment of graphics and sound that creates a realistic feeling of depth—led by a proprietary technology of hardware and software which is patent pending.

With your body movements captured in true scale and represented in the virtual space, face-to-face meetings can be achieved from anywhere.

No matter how much our communication technologies progress, ultimate rapport and understanding is achieved through eye contact and body language. Sign-up for updates on Ywarp’s technology and join the revolution of better and effective communication from anywhere of the world today!


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